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of these crimes, you're asked to call police. >>> higher taxes in maryland may actually be saving lives. health advocates announced the state cigarette tax is stopping people from smoking and now they want to hike the tax even higher. >> reporter: the state already charges $2.00 in charges for each pack of cigarettes you buy. health advocates want that to be raised to $3.00 a pack to force more people to quit. for seven years, she smoked a pack of cigarettes every other day. >> i get shortness of breath walking up the steps. >> reporter: it wasn't just her health that suffered, her bank account took a beating. >> and they keep going up. i don't know why people keep buying them. >> reporter: according to a new report, that high price may be causing people to quit. advocates say cigarette sales have been on a steady decline for the past few years ever since tobacco taxes started rising. smoking rates have fallen 32% from 1998 to 2010. >> tobacco tax increases save lives. >> reporter: that's why vincent demarco is lobbying for another dollar increase. >> we want a new tax to go to health care and
the money back by next june. his wife will be reporting to prison after pleading guilty to filing state tax returns. >>> with halloween two days away, what will you be handing out to trick or treaters. chocolate makes up 72% of all halloween candy. coming in second and third, candy corn and gummy bears, reese's peanut butter cups are the single most popular halloween candy. more than 400 million pieces sold last year. i see my favorite in there. >> i have my kit cat bars then eat them myself. >> my favorite. >> there you go. >>> still ahead on "wjz eyewitness news at noon" -- >> partly cloudy but fair. how long? the complete forecast is 2 1/2 minutes away. >> here is a look at the midday stocks and last night's winning lottery numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mnever sleeping.g. ever saving. for him, her, and you. every day. but quality affordable health care seems forever out of reach -- until now. i'm doctor peter beilenson. with local doctors we've founded a new approach to health insurance -- evergreen health. neighborhood care, same day appointments, a team approach with doctors and nurses who g
proactive limiting the spending of tax dollars in areas of high risk of flooding. >> it's been nice here, though. >>> we have some very, very mild air headed our way for the next two days. take a look at temperatures and look at that humidity. it was humid last night. tonight it's up to 96% with no wind at all. we're at 53. the dew point 52. there will be fog in some areas. the barometer is still rising. currently 52 in oakland. 58 hagerstown. the warm spot in ocean city coming in at 61 degrees. locally low to mid-50s running 8-9 degrees warmer than we had last night. the normal is now 63, 41. the records 83 and 26 back in 1965. right now everybody at a dead calm. there will be a chance to run into some fog overnight or in the morning hours before things begin to change. most the snow we had earlier is gone. the shower activity up to chicago approaching detroit, much of northern section of indiana, this rain pattern most of it will pass northwest. some of it will reach our region but late tomorrow morning. probably 1-2:00 a.m. on friday. it will be in the warm air mass. we might even hav
, those who don't enroll will face a tax penalty of $95. >>> halloween celebrations are under way, including at the national aquarium in baltimore. and what better way to celebrate than carving pumpkins, under water, with 20 black tip reeve shark circling. the daring dave's name is emily anderson. and she is carving a shark design into that pumpkin. of course, the sharks insisted upon it. oh, my goodness. i think she just petted that shark as well. >>> baltimore county, certainly a spooky sight. this house is decked out for halloween. including plenty of ghouls, goblins. and i think we saw it there before. a huge spider. >>> taking a live look outside. we have nice and mild conditions outside. you do not have to wear your coat over your costume, which is always fantastic. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. and bob turk is updating our temperatures. we'll start with bob. >> you bet. it is a warm afternoon. and a warm night on top if you're heading out with the kids really not bad at all. so far, we're staying dry. take a look at radar. there's been a little activity,
. let's beat higher taxes. let's protect our constitution and send terry mcauliffe back to the other side of the potomac where he belongs! >> reporter: overall turnout in this off-year election is expected to be low so, scott, if there is a big turnout among tea party supporters, this race could be closer than the polls would suggest. >> pelley: chip, thanks very much. in an apartment in munich, germany, customs officials reportedly have discovered a vast trove of modern art believed to have been stolen by the nazis from jewish collectors. included are works by picasso,s, matisse, chagall, all valued at over a billion dollars. the owner of the apartment is said to be the son of an art dealer who was known to the nazi leadership. world war ii had villains and heroes-- like these former p.o.w.s. why did the u.s. refuse to honor them? that's next. that's why there's boost® high protein nutritional drink. each delicious serving provides fifteen grams of protein to help maintain muscle and help meet expert recommended daily protein needs. plus it provides twenty-six essential vitamins an
. the state is being proactive, limiting the spending of tax dollars in areas at high risk of flooding. >> no flooding tonight. just mild temperatures. look at these readings right now. it's going to stay warm as well. 59, east/southeast winds at 7. humidity, 80%. come back and take a look at the halloween and weekend after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> already at 59 degrees now. fog around the region. 54 in oakland. 60 in d.c., easton at 63. and locally, upper 50s to low 60s. it's not going to get that chilly tonight. because the cloud cover is around the region. and we've got east/southeast winds becoming more southerly overnight. that will keep temperatures up cop paired to -- compared recently. light wind, east flow, coming off the thrntzic ocean -- atlantic ocean. with light winds overnight. we'll probably see scattered fog forming. there's warm air to the south of us. look at this. 73, 74. this mild air ised hading in our general direction. most of the east coast will be pretty mild. to the west, it's a lot colder. it's actually moderated quite a bit. but much colder air going to move
, land use development these are all going to be opportunity for the city to generate tax revenue some time down the road. >> reporter: a public meeting to review the environment safeguards are scheduled november 18th. now back to you. >> the epa has ordered more air samples. >> and the air out there pretty chilly. it is a pretty cold afternoon now very dry air. east winds at six. the barometer very high. come back and take a look at a warm up on the way right after this. ,,,, [ female announcer ] your eyes. they turn everyday moments into lasting memories. trust your eyes to pearle vision. your neighborhood eye care experts. schedule your eye exam today. pearle vision. caring for you and your eyes since 1961. >>> i'm meteorologist chelsea live with the weather lab. it's a chilly 42 degrees but we have a warm up on the way. for those details i will send it in to bob for the updated forecast. >> congratulations on dressing properly for these temperatures. >> thank you. >> gloves and a hat that's how you keep warm. pleasant temperatures on your body. right now 42 as she just mentioned.
year. >> reporter: the cargo going through the port brings in $300 million in taxes. $3 billion in wages. and nearly 15,000 jobs. an asset worth protecting. mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: this is the sixth straight year the port has received the highest rating. >> well, our string of very pleasant, late october evenings, continues. a live look outside now. lots of sun today. a little cooler. i don't know. felt great to me. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist chelsea ingram is live at the inner harbor with the wjz mobile weather lab. but first up, bob turk will update our conditions. bob? >> beautiful afternoon. really, really pleasant afternoon. with lots of sunshine. i mean, slightly, tad cooler than yesterday. 64 down to the south. 54 in oakland. temperature right now, running 3 degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this time. but most places, just about exactly where we were. maybe a degree or two lower. 39 this morning. 38 in elkton. and 44 in ocean city. easton and d.c., the cool spot. 33 this morning out in oakland. there are cha
. >> reporter: the cargo going through the port, brings in $300 million in taxes, $3 billion in wages and nearly 15,000 jobs. an asset worth protecting. mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> this is the sixth straight year the port has received the highest rating. >>> the brother of actress mia farrow will spend the next 10 years in prison, on charges he sexually abused two children inside his anne arundel county home. john villers pharaoh of edgewood was indicted after two men accused him of sexually abusing them several year ago. the men were 9 and 8 years old at the time. he enteredda know -- entered an offered plea, and was sentenced to years. but some were suspended. >>> will get a much-needed facelift. the plan revamps the city docks, but it does come with some opposition. >> reporter: it's a maryland gem for locals locals and tourists that will soon see some big changes. >> what the man does is it provides a 20-year road map for the future. >> they planned among other things, widened the promenade. and gives the option of building a flood wall. something mayor josh cohen says preserves the
guilty to filing federal income tax returns. >>> a family double murder- suicide in florida. a man kills his 7 and 8-year- old children why they sleep then commits suicide. police say it happened while the hernando county man had his son and daughter for the weekend. they say he left behind a note signaling he was bitter over the recent breakup with his wife. >> a note of disgruntled soon to be ex-husband and unfortunately there was an 8- year-old and a 7-year-old who got caught up in this. >> the wife says they had a heated argument before the incident. police say the couple did not have a history of domestic problems. >>> more problems for the contractor operating some of the suburban speed cameras in our area. investigations find xerox was forced to void 1400 tickets in baltimore county after it failed to recalibrate a dozen cameras in february. the contractor has since paid the county more than $57,000 in compensation. >>> one year later and superstorm sandy recovery efforts continue in the hardest hit areas on the east coast. seaside heights on the jersey shore sandy swallowed up th
deadline will face a tax penalty of $95. >>> the weather seems to be holding up. as people around the state venture outside to celebrate halloween. in towson, sky eye chopper 13 found some trick or treaters are already out collecting candy. at the national aquarium in baltimore. this diver is getting into the halloween spirit by carving a pumpkin under water, with 20 black-tipped reef sharks circling. moments ago at the white house. the president and first lady were handing out treats. meteorologist tim williams. we begin with bob turk in the first warning weather center. >> mild afternoon and mild evening will. we have light rain activity. take a look west of radar. light rain has moved in. it's moving off to the north and northeast. batch of light rain out here. you request see this out here in west virginia. it's moving off to the north and northeast. i think at this point, we might see some of that action in the baltimore d.c. area. if you're going to go out with the kids, probably better to go out early rather than later. it's going to be very, very mild. temperature-wise, around the r
. >> by having mixed use development there. these are all going to be opportunities for the city to generate tax revenue at some point down the road. >> reporter: a public meeting to review the projects environmental safeguards will be he'll november 14th. i'm pat warren reporting from the inner harbor, now back to you on tv hill. >>> and epa is ordering more air samples. >>> the lights are out on the washington monument in d. c. but it's good news the decorative lights which have been on nightly since july 8th are being turned off so that 500-tons of scaffolding can come down. workers have repaired most of the damage from the earthquake two years ago. it will take three months to bring the exterior scaffolding down. >> we need you to go to the top of the monument and start disassembling this and don't drop anything. incredible work. >>> still to come on wjz eyewitness news. emotional protest why thousands in iran are so angry with the u.s. >>> between a rock and a hard place literally. how a new york college student wound up stuck between two walls. >>> i'm meteorologist chelsea ingram live at
with how smoothly it's going. one thing is for sure. the federal tax dollars are pouring in. the 15 states that opted to set up their own exchanges have set up $1.1 billion to launch and implement their own obama care websites, often paying the contractor to do the same job in different states. california has dedicated $359 million while new york is spending $161 million. in kentucky it's $100 million. and in oregon the price tag is $50 million. the president has pointed to oregon where 56,000 people have signed up for medicaid. >> that's 56,000 more americans that have health care and they didn't count on the website. >> reporter: and that's a good thing. their applications came through the machlt clay johnson is a former member of the obama technology team. >> what we've done is created systems that enable this level of waste. >> reporter: he blames federal rults who went out over and over like cgi which won bids in five didn't states to help develop their websites. that's the same company now under fire for its role as lead contractor for the federal website.
than to take 15 smaller taxes. the same with cruising. the reason they build these gigantic ships is they're far more profitable. >> we saw two cruise ships that got a lot of attention for their onboard fires. do we have regulations now to avoid the fires? >> sure. what's interesting about the "triumph" is today everyone's got a samsung phone or whatever to take pictures to post all over social media. it's helped to illuminate conditions. since 120u all new cruise ships are required to have redundant power systems so if one gets knocked out, you can still safely limp back to port. >> i'm look. dwlou evacuate a ship of that side. how do you get people off? >> it's crazy. you think about compared to a two-story building, a skyscraper takes longer to evacuate right? but we still build skyscrapers. 18,000 passengers is much harder than a thousand. and so have you seen the evacuation chutes? >> not on the ship no. >> it's designed only for the crew. it's a giant orange esophagus. it's five stories off the water. you're supposed to slide down this into the life raft.
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Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15